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How does AquaPro work?

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Replenishing the battery causes the float to rise and releases the valve from its recess. As a result, the water is able to wash around the valve lens and the water stream moves the valve up. Then the water pressure holds the valve lens against the valve-sealing ring and keeps it closed.

In Depth

After the water enters the fill plug, it goes into the water chamber. This chamber remains permanently full of water, acting as a barrier between cells and preventing the potentially explosive transmission of oxy-hydrogen from one cell to another through the water hose system*.

Then the water flows into the heart of the AquaPro fill cap -- the patented shut-off valve. In the open position, the valve lens remains in its recess, totally removed from the water stream. This positioning allows a larger volume of water to pass through the valve and facilitates AquaPro´s superior fill speed.

After passing the shut-off valve, the water flows into the battery cell. Some of the water flows around the float spindle, removing any possible accumulation of dirt. AquaPro is self-cleaning.

When the electrolyte level rises, it raises the float and float spindle. The top of the float spindle is attached to the valve lens. Float and valve lens are AquaPro's only moving parts. Both move vertically and there are no levers or other apparatus to get clogged.

The moment the valve is released from its recess, the inflowing water is able to wash around the valve lens and the water stream carries the valve up with it. The force required to move the valve from the open position to the closed position comes from the hydrodynamic energy generated by the water stream. This means the float only activates the shut-off procedure -- by bringing the valve into the water stream. The actual closure of the valve uses hydrodynamic energy. Once the valve is in the shut-off position, hydrostatic pressure holds the valve lens against the sealing ring and keeps it closed. More water pressure equals more shut-off pressure. That's why AquaPro's shut-off valve remains securely closed, even under 100 psi of pressure.

While other single point watering systems use the limited force of float buoyancy to stop the fill process, AquaPro uses a perfect combination of the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic forces of water, always adapting to existing pressure conditions making it superior to anything else.

* Verified by the German battery company Hagen (Research results available on request)

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