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Additional Benefits and Features of AquaPro

  • The simple installation.
    The small hose diameter (1/4", 6mm) combined with the elimination of the need for diameter reductions or hose crossings in the plumbing make for easy, fast installation.

  • The durability.
    High quality polycarbonate construction ensures heat resistance up to 285 F (140 °C).

  • The safety.
    The integrated water trap protects against explosive transmission of oxy-hydrogen gases from one cell to another through the water hose system.

  • The reduction of inventory carrying costs for the customer.
    The exchangeable Snap-on float system eliminates the need to have numerous plug sizes in stock.

  • The advertising medium.
    The printable lid turns the AquaPro fill cap into an advertising medium - located on the heart of the machine, the energy supply.

  • The separation of water and gas.
    A special chamber ensures the water and gas movement are kept separate and, additionally allows for the return of condensate to the battery cells.

  • The confirmation of its precision function.
    The function indicator shows whether the particular battery cell is still receiving water or the shut-off valve is already closed.

  • The variety of cells that can be serviced.
    Precise adjustment, to meet the battery requirements for the electrolyte level, is made possible through the variety of float sizes available -- 16 in all. Additionally, 5 types of adapters enable the system to accommodate most industrial batteries on the market.

  • The ability to adapt to extremely small cells.
    Equipping batteries with extremely small cells is made easier with the revolving T- piece and the 3D extension pieces.

  • The ease of acid density measurements.
    The swivel plug lid allows easy access to the inspection opening without requiring snap out.

  • The quick connection/disconnection.
    The R&R All-In-One Quick Coupler provides the globally unique combination of a coupler, valve, filter, pressure expansion and flow indicator in one - no special procedures to follow, just snap-in and snap-out!

How AquaPro works
Benefits of AquaPro's Shut-off Valve