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What is AquaPro?

AquaPro is a single point watering system for flooded lead-acid batteries. It makes it possible to refill all the cells of a battery from a single point without opening them individually.

R&R AquaPro In Depth
Flooded lead-acid batteries power most electric vehicles and equipment. When these batteries are recharged, a chemical reaction called gassing takes place. As a result, batteries lose water. It is essential to replace this water to maintain the correct electrolyte level. Failure to do so causes irreparable damage to the battery.
Ordinarily, it is necessary to open each cell and add water manually. This procedure is time-consuming and has some inherent risks, such as overfilling and acid splash. A single point watering system, such as AquaPro, eliminates these problems and makes the entire procedure much safer and more efficient. AquaPro consists of three basic parts: (1) fill caps, which are permanently affixed to the battery, (2) a water delivery, and (3) a connecting hose system. When it's time to water the battery (only AFTER charging), the user just has to connect the hose system with the water delivery. The water flows through the hose system and the AquaPro fill caps into the battery cells. Once a cell reaches the proper electrolyte level, that fill cap automatically stops the inflow of water in to that particular battery cell. A flow indicator in the hose coupling signals when all battery cells have enough water. Simply uncouple the water delivery, and the task is finished.

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